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Chick lit with a clever and funny twist. A delightfully witty book that is entertaining and thought provoking in equal measure. Mistakes don't happen in Heaven, do they? Well maybe they do!

This is a world of angels, Heaven, reincarnation and the setting of life plans between lives. A world where guardian angels help humans to stay on the right path and where achieving the goals you set yourself for this life is important. So how has it gone so wrong for our eponymous hero? It appears that Emma Butler is about to be 'recalled' to Heaven but has completed none of the tasks she had set herself for this life time, before she was reborn. It's imperative that they are completed before she is 'recalled'. Nobody wants to have to explain to GOD why it has all gone so wrong. Archangel Gregory, a very senior angel, decides to take over from Emma's guardian angel to ensure that everything progresses smoothly as there are literally only a matter of days in which to achieve so much. Gregory hasn’t been a guardian angel for many a millennia and finds the confines of the rule book far to restrictive. The challenges that await Emma in such a short space of time are numerous and varied and make for an intense time for all. Why has the situation got so out of hand? Nobody thinks to ask Emma’s guardian angel, who could shed some very helpful light on the issue.
Emma must lose her job as a copywriter, find the love of her life, see her house go up in flames and end up in A&E after a car accident, all before perishing in a plane crash on her way to a job interview in New York. All with the help of her delightful friend Lizzie. Lizzie’s idea of a consultation with a psychic gives rather a mixed message as angels and spirit guides vie with each other to deliver their take on the story. But where does all this leave free will and what about Jack who has been chosen to be Emma's love interest? Jack has been focussing on his new life running a health food shop and exploring his own spiritual awakening. Little does he know that his life is going to be turned upside down by the introduction of a ‘love interest’. Jack’s guardian angel, Brian, is unimpressed by this intrusion into Jack’s life and is keeping his angelic eyes peeled for any infringement of the rules by Archangel Gregory. Will the other angles make a complaint about Gregory’s activities to ‘The Office of Life Plan Compliance?’
It's certainly not all plain sailing as angels disagree amongst themselves about the rules of engagement and Emma and Jack don't experience the love at first site that the angelic realm was hoping for.
It's girl meets boy, for sure, but when a whole host of angels are involved who knows how things will turn out? God, in his omniscient way, keeps an eye on all the proceedings but what exactly does Connie, Lizzie’s neighbour, have to do with it all?

Fiction & Literature
February 6
Julia Wilmot