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Firsts are special. First love, first kiss. First books that introduce you to a series you fall deeper and deeper in love with the more you read. Dive into this set of first books in series from USA Today Best Selling author Nikki Lynn Barrett, and discover three different series.

Peaceful Slumber (Soul Connection, #1)

When Scott Henderson died, he came back with an unwanted gift: the ability to see ghosts. It isn't until he meets an amnesiac ghost bride that he learns to appreciate this gift. A twisty tale of secrets and emotions. This is a paranormal romantic suspense.

Queen Of My Heart (Life Won't Wait #1)

Two broken souls bond over music. When Quinn's past comes calling, Tucker makes a bold move. He marries Quinn, leading them in a marriage of convenience that comes off as convincingly real to their fans. But there are secrets he doesn't want to share, even with his new wife. How can they break down the barriers and allow real love in?

A Masterpiece Of Our Love (The Masterpiece Trilogy #1)

At twelve and eight, Becca and Hunter went through something no two children should ever have to. The only survivors of a plane crash, the two form an unbreakable bond. Twenty years later, that bond is about to intensify when they admit there are deeper feelings. But when someone leaves mysterious notes and hints that they weren't the only ones who survived, the two question everything: including their sanity.

Scrooge You!

Also included in this set is a stand-alone holiday romance, featuring movie star Kevin Wright. Kevin and his leading lady, Sasha, make appearances in other Nikki Lynn Barrett books. Dubbed as Scrooge by his ex-girlfriend's slander, Kevin returns to his hometown for his sister's wedding, and forms a conne3ction with the girl he crushed on in high school. Sasha has her own problems to deal with, but when an opportunity lands on her door, she's desperate enough to take it, even though it could eventually tear apart her new friendship with Kevin.

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April 15
Nikki Lynn Barrett

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