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Prepare to feel paranoid with this deliciously addictive, Sunday Times bestselling psychological thriller.

Someone knows Astrid's darkest secret. And they're going to have fun with it . . .

It's been 192 days, seven hours and fifteen minutes since her last drink. Now Astrid is trying to turn her life around.

Having reluctantly moved back in with her mother, in a quiet seaside town away from the temptations and painful memories of her life before, Astrid is focusing on her recovery. She's going to meetings. Confessing her misdeeds. Making amends to those she's wronged.

But someone knows exactly what Astrid is running from. And they won't stop until she learns that some mistakes can't be corrected.

Some mistakes, you have to pay for . . .


'Certain to leave you reeling' Daily Express

'Instantly immersive, then intriguing, then insanely suspenseful, then ... the truth. Believe me, Lesley Kara knows what she's doing.' Lee Child

Readers can't stop talking about Who Did You Tell?

***** 'Like The Rumour it had me gripped from the start.'
***** ' This is by far one of the best suspense books I've ever read.'
***** 'A wonderful page turner that had me gripped long into the night - a story that deals with the issues of addiction, blame & forgiveness - loved it.'
***** 'A great mix of grit, psychological thriller, suspense and drama, wrapped up in a story that really had me on my toes.'



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5 December

Customer Reviews

bubbles1962 ,

Psychological thriller

Astrid formerly known as Hilary is a 32 year old recovering alcoholic, she has now been sober for 192 days, trying to turn her life around. Back living with her mum in a sleepy seaside town, where everyone seems to know everyone’s business. It’s the last place Astrid had thought she would be. With her Quaker mum, who has had to deal with a lot from Astrid, but you know this is her last chance, not just with her mum but maybe with life. Astrid had gone off the rails at 15 which is when she had changed her name believing she would become more ‘visible’.

Astrid has many demons she is fighting, some of those demons you aren’t sure whether they are real, or the drink, creating false memories. But as the story moves on you realise some of those worries are genuine. She attends weekly AA meetings where she meets Rosie, who is a volunteer at Oxfam, Astrid doesn’t seem too keen on her, then there’s Helen, who Astrid does befriend but are either of them a good influence, Astrid sees Helen coming out of a shop with bottles of alcohol, should she really be that close to temptation.

She is clearly trying to make up for any misdeeds committed whilst under the influence of alcohol. But what is she running from? Who is following her? What did she do when desperate for a drink? What has she done that is so bad? There are lots of twists in the story to keep you engaged, can she resist temptation?

The description’s of the battles that Astrid is fighting every time she goes out the door, passing a pub or an off licence, that temptation is always there. With alcohol available 24/7 , it makes it very difficult, when she craves that taste, whether it’s a bottle of cheap cider, or a shot of vodka that craving is there. She is continuously fighting it.

Just as things are starting to look a little brighter, gaining a bit of employment, a possible relationship although she isn’t honest about being an alcoholic, this puts a strain on things when she refuses a drink. Although realistically it shouldn’t matter whether she has alcohol or a soft drink. Messages start arriving in the post, as well as some left in the house. What has she done that someone knows about?

Although this book was a bit of a slow starter the pace did pick up. I like the way the author shows the difficulties an alcoholic has, that craving which doesn’t go away, it’s a temptation that will be there for ever, one sip of alcohol can sends you straight back down the slippery slope, the same as any addiction, but it may be harder for alcoholics with so many social drinkers nowadays. This is a debilitating addiction, the effects it has on the drinker, how you behave, the effects on family. Such a tough thing to give up when it has you gripped.

A good story with enlightening insights to what alcoholics go through, the AA meetings. But also the suspense in the story.

I would like to thank #netgalley and #Randomhousepublishers for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.

Ninska3 ,


Brilliantly written ... loved it ... loved the story line and gave good insight in what alcoholics go through.

Also have read The Rumour which prompted me to read this one.

Can’t wait for her next book. 👏👏👏

hertsad ,

Starts well, ending is poor

I was really getting into this book then it just died a death and didn’t pick up again.

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