Why Eating Less and Exercising More Makes You Fat Why Eating Less and Exercising More Makes You Fat

Why Eating Less and Exercising More Makes You Fat

Current Health Advice is Failing Us - Learn the Four Fundamentals For Burning Fat and Getting Healthy

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Health care professionals and fitness experts constantly tell people who want to lose weight they should eat less and exercise more. Counting calories and eating low fat food while spending hours at the gym has become a modern day dogma for weight loss, but such advice is profoundly flawed and clearly not working. This book explains in a clear and accessible way, why this seemingly logical advice fails most people over and over again.

This book is a culmination of Stephanie’s years of training and experience along with personal experimentation to understand the true cause of weight gain, or more precisely fat gain, and the mechanisms with which you can re-set your body into being a fat-burner and not a fat-storer. Stephanie shares with you a system of interventions based on science to trigger fat burning and regulate appetite control, which leads to permanent fat loss and food freedom. This includes why blood sugar management is fundamental to long-term health and weight loss; how to exercise less to burn more fat; the surprising importance of a healthy gut microbiome – the 100 trillion bacteria that live in your gut and their influence on your weight, and why intermittent fasting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to restore the body to a fat-burning machine.

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10 November

Customer Reviews

Nuvolariheart ,

A book that makes you healthy and beautiful.

I have never been able to loose all that weight I put on after stopped dance school. I thought I was hopeless because I tried to eat less, low fat and exercise a lot which was boring and tiring. I wasn’t looking for a book or a “method” because I was busy pitying myself and hating my body. The title of this book stuck in my head and once I decided to give it a try. It blew my mind! I love it so much that I’m about to finish the second (not last) time. I love that there aren’t unreasonable meal plans. Honestly, who has time and energy to make five meals a day? This book explains every aspects of food and what happens in the body in an understandable way(even for me: English is my second language); yet it is based on pure science.
My body has changed so much that I catch every opportunity to look into every mirror and reflection to check out my new hot body, I have more energy and I sleep better. Also, because it’s not a diet, it’s sustainable. I read this book the first time almost a year ago and I can’t imagine going back the old unhealthy way, especially because I eat what I want, not what I can.
I can’t express how much this book helped me.