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This is a bright, quick-read, How-To book written to make your life better. Filled with brief, clear explanations of how and why humor and laughter truly are the “Best Prescription,” it shows how physical science, psychology and history all make that case. The author seasons the narrative with funny stories, his cartoons and quotes from Woody Allen, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou and others.
Inside you’ll find:
Chapter 1 - How and why laughing heals: Looks at the sciences and successes of laughter in healing;
Chapter 2 - Reducing stress and pain with laughter: Explores causes of our discomfort and solutions;
Chapter 3 -“Laugh and the world laughs with You.” Explains how humor helps at work, at home, everywhere;
Chapter 4 - The who, what, when, where & how to humor yourself: An easy-to-follow roadmap to put laughter back in your life.
Chapter 5 - Where the Laughs are: A treasure of resources; laugh generators, including movies, TV, book and articles.

The book's subtitle pretty well says it all: It’s about “ How to use humor…to heal yourself, to reduce stress, to sleep better (without the pills)and live a happier, healthier life. All for FREE!

"Why Laughing Matters...was a solid reminder of how important a sense of humor is in our lives and how it can help get us through almost anything...I laughed a lot."
Mary O'Shaughnessy, Co-Author, New York Times's Best-Selling Perri O'Shaughnessy Novels

“Very inviting. Easy to read and fine examples of the redemptive power of a chuckle.  I think the book can be seriously helpful to people who are ill as well as healthy sourpuss people, if some loving friend will get the book to them.”
Jim Allen, Producer, Steve Allen comedy writer

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February 9
Dan Dippery