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If You Had One Wish Guaranteed to Come True - What Would That Be?

Would you want to meet your soulmate - the love of your dreams? Would you call for financial abundance? Or would you simply request a long and healthy life? Difficult, isn't it?

Thankfully, this is not a dilemma you will have to face in reality. Who says you have to choose only one? Why not learn how to manifest all of your desires instead?

In the Book of Spells, you will be given practical step-by-step instructions on how you as a Wiccan can utilize magic and the power of the universe to increase fulfillment in all aspects of your life. This book covers the whole process - from setting up your altar and casting spells to cleansing your tools and instruments - without leaving anything to chance. Furthermore, it goes over the different ways of Wicca and tackles the most frequently asked questions amongst its practitioners.

Magic can be a wonderful thing as it has the potential to create abundance. On the flipside, it can be outright dangerous if used carelessly, or with the wrong intentions. In order to avoid making mistakes, you need a proper education. This book offers just that.

If you are new to the Wiccan craft, let 'Book of Spells' be your guide through the diverse lands of Wicca. Even if you are an experienced witch or magician, you will definitely find a lot of the information in 'Book of Spells' to be a great addition to your arsenal of magic!

Religion & Spirituality
5 January
Leonie Sage

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