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Vampires are back in this brand new “entertaining series that leaves [readers] thirsting for more” (Kirkus Reviews). Now, fans of the Sanguine Crown series by Susan Harris won't have to hide their cravings any longer, because the third book, Wicked Game, is FINALLY here.

Proceed with caution... Wicked Game is Book Three in the Sanguine Crown Series by Susan Harris. If you haven't started this series yet, you might want to grab your copy of Chaos Theory, the first book in the series, before continuing to read this book description. After all, spoilers totally bite... That is, unless you're into that sort of thing. If so, you do you. No judgements here!

Ryan and Edison are now being held prisoner by Maxim and the rogues. But Ryan's not the kind of girl who breaks easily. When she refuses to bend to her captor's will, Maxim decides to enlist the help of his pet fae to play a wicked game with her mind.

Tortured by the fae with her worst fears being used against her, Ryan must rely on an unlikely ally to help her and Edison escape.

Even though she's out of Maxim's immediate grasp, Ryan's far from free. The wicked game that the fae played with her has left Ryan struggling to decipher what's real and what's only in her head.

Will Ryan be able to discover the truth and win the game? Or will she end up pushing away everyone who cares for her?

Find out, in this exciting continuation of the new young adult vampire series that continues to prove that vampires are back and they're BETTER than ever!

Young Adult
January 12
Clean Teen Publishing, Inc.

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