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A Westwick Witches Cozy Paranormal Mystery

Dead billionaires are not good for business! That's what Aunt Pearl complains to Cen when the dead body is found in the cozy family inn at Westwick Corners.

Still, it's not Cen's problem. She lives an ordinary life away from her witch-ful family for a reason. She got her ordinary fiancé and her ordinary job as a journalist using no magic whatsoever, and no inconvenient local murder is going to change her comfortable existence.

Even if the entire town is now accusing Aunt Pearl of murdering her guest. Even if her fiancé is acting weird and talking about seeing ghosts. Even if the town's sexy new sheriff, Tyler Gates, treats her like the most hexing of all the witches...

If you love funny cozy mysteries infused with a dose of humor and the supernatural, you’ll love this paranormal witch cozy! Witch You Well appeals to readers of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. Sign up for Colleen's new release notifications at

"...A bewitching, supernatural treat. If you love witch cozy mysteries you'll love Cendrine West and her wacky witch family!"

From the author:

Westwick Corners isn't your typical small town. Or even a normal ghost town. It's where people go not to be found, and witches go to work their magic without attracting too much attention. The combination makes from some interesting and humorous mysteries, and the witches are always at the center of the action!

Ruby's cooking, Cendrine's amateur sleuth and investigator activities, and Aunt Pearl's magic school are always looking for that one secret ingredient that will propel the witches to fame and fortune and put the small town of Westwick Corners back on the map again. The witches are forever cooking up new business opportunities like The Westwick Corners Inn, The Witching Post Bar and Grill, and of course, Pearl's Charm School, where witches go to unravel riddles, spin magic spells, and create their own witch mysteries. Too bad they are forever getting distracted because there are always strange things happening in Westwick Corners, from petty crime to murder.

The West family has always been in Westwick Corners and always will be. They descend from a long line of witches who have inhabited Westwick Corners from the beginning.

Witches who unlock mysteries, solve crime, and help those in need. They are collectively a kind of a witch of all trades, because pitching in--or is it witching in-- is what you do in a small town. Everyone helps out. Even Grandma Vi the ghost investigates and sleuths. But when everyone pulls together, it's not always in the same direction! If you like a good puzzle, a good laugh, and a good witch mystery series, you'll love these cozy mystery books! Available as ebook cozy mystery books, cozy mystery paperbacks, and cozy mystery audiobooks too!

I am writing the next book in this series of paranormal cozy mysteries, a cozy paranormal that takes place on Christmas Eve. As long as people like these humorous cozy mysteries I will keep on writing them. Thanks for reading!

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February 8
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Customer Reviews

Teresa Harwood ,

Witches, Ghosts and Magic

An enchanting, cozy mystery. Cendrine is a reluctant witch who has neglected her powers much to the chagrin of her Aunt Pearl. When the town they live in comes under threat of destruction Cendrine realises that she will need all her magic powers to defeat a rogue Witch and protect her family home. The first in what promises to be an enjoyable series of Westwick Witches adventures, full of witches, family ghosts and magic

Mad moo moo man ,

Witch you well

Got hooked from the really know how to show the story .i saw pictures of from start to finish in a day and evening, could not put it down .you are a great writer thank you x

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