Publisher Description

Blend the magic of witchcraft with the mystery of ghosts, spirits and premonitions, then add the excitement of a robbery investigation with a crisis that could affect the fate of Earth and finally sprinkle in a little romance between a lonely sixteen year old boy and girl and you have Witchcraft, Premonitions & the Emerald Globe Caper.

A desperate family flees England for America, only to have their whereabouts uncovered two hundred and forty years later when the theft of an emerald globe exposes their location. A wicked witch disrupts the communication between the members of the Galactic Inspiration Society and the planet Earth. Only two lonely teenagers stand in the way of an evil sorcerer from accomplishing total magical domination, destroying their family and eliminating the ingenuity of all Earthlings. Can the teenagers reveal the secrets hidden inside the home at number 10 Witch Hemlock Court in time to save their family and the planet Earth? Will the imagination of the teens be enough to overcome the experience and treachery of their enemies? Not even a level ten seer can predict the outcome.

In 1765, Celeste Skyward and her family flee to America to escape certain death at the hands of the evil sorcerer Winter Siren. Celeste uses her magical power to create an emerald globe that conceals her family’s home on Witch Hemlock Court from their enemies. The story continues in the present day when sixteen year old Cassandra Foreshadow moves into the old Skyward home. Cassandra and her sixteen year old neighbor, Max Solution, are examined and tested by the spirit of Celeste Skyward. The emerald globe is stolen and Desiree Siren is now able to find the home and its powerful supernatural treasures that her family has been seeking for over two hundred years. Cassandra and Max turn detective, hunt the robbers of the globe, discover a hidden library full of magical rings, amulets and manuscripts, trace the history of the home on Witch Hemlock Court and of the Skyward family. With the help of the Inspirator, Oscar Eccentric, the two teenagers also defeat the sinister plans of the alien, Sinister Crooked and Desiree Siren, restoring the communications of the Galactic Inspiration Society, whose members include the counselors to the planet Earth.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 10
E. S. Hazard