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Save $8 off the original price with these four stories! Totalling over 25,000 words, or 100 printed pages, they are guaranteed to turn you on with their hot cuckolding action.

1. SELLING MY WIFE (Billionaire Cuckold Erotica)

Harry's wife is hot. Harry's wallet is empty.

Harry's filthy-rich former business partner - and worst enemy - knows both of these things. And he's used to being able to get anything he wants with his good looks and his billions of dollars.

When Harry's business partner makes an offer they can't refuse, Harry's wife is quick to agree!

2. CUCK O'CLOCK (SPH Cuckold Humiliation Erotica)

Oliver and Lila have been dating for a month and still haven't had sex. When they finally make their way to the bedroom, Lila doesn't hide her disappointment. Oliver is far too small to ever be able to satisfy her. After laughing at his tiny package and humiliating him, she's is about to walk out the door forever. But Oliver stops her. He doesn't mind if she goes out and finds what she needs, he says. He just wants to be able to watch...

3. HELPING THE MOVERS (Interracial G******g Cuckold Erotica)

While Kim's new husband is at work, Kim is left alone to help the movers who are moving them into their new home. The three tall, muscular black men move boxes and furniture under her direction all day. Kim doesn't realize all three of them are checking out her curves in her short shorts and tank top.

The movers chat with her, coaxing her out of her shell. As the conversation turns more sexual, Kim admits that she's not fully satisfied by her husband - and that she's never been with a black man.

4. MY EX, TWELVE YEARS LATER (Infidelity, MFM, Threesome, Cuckolding)

Twelve years ago, a sexy Australian exchange student swept me off my feet. He also took my virginity and introduced me to the filthiest sex I could imagine, whether it was him fingering me at the back of a classroom or f*****g me in a park while telling me I was a whore.

Today, he's back in town for the weekend, and I really want to have him rock my world again. I've gained a bit of weight and started going grey, but somehow my ex still wants me. The only problem is that I'm married now.

It's not like my husband and I even have a good sex life - more like none at all. When my husband sees my reaction to my ex, it turns out he is curious about what he can learn from him. My ex is willing. What will happen when I bring them both together?

WARNING: These stories contain mature content matter - and a lot of it! With male chastity devices and small penis humiliation to interracial gangbangs and triple penetration, these stories are not for the faint of heart!

Fiction & Literature
February 27
Roxanne Sweet

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