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.The vast majority of us are looking out there to find luck, success, happiness, relief and peace where all of these keys lie within ourselves: the mental state of all of these with their accompanied feelings and emotions can be called upon instantly by going nowhere.

Just stay where you are, look within, here, now, for a change and you change already by doing just so.

“Oft within ourselves the remedies do lie” William Shakespeare (England, 1564), I worn this phrase on a T-shirt for 15 years with no clue what it meant and meant to me... right in front of me.

The apparently strange title of this book is the only way to find that luck, success, happiness, relief and peace right in front of you, where you never looked for it before, like I never looked for it in front of me.

The bridge from where you are looking from for your hopes, relief, peace and the lot out there is the exact point in your life where to start from.

And all the questions that pop up of “How on earth did I get here in the first place?” and “How do I get out of here” will be answered too.

Let me be very clear from the start: this book is not passing on the old, secret Alchemist formula, the Philosophers Stone or the sword of Excalibur magic of it all. None of that. Nothing is hidden for just a few, elite, wise or apparently clever people, none of that, everyone is able to pick this up but not everyone sees it. It sits in the seeing, watching, confirming for yourself.

The Life Support System out there we call nature does not select or discriminate in any way its members on this planet.

No conspiracies, no old and secret societies, none of that has ever succeeded in ruling nature out there since the first people started to use their brain to imagine things. All have escaped into the propaganda to give you the illusion to be ruled by just a few. None has and ever will succeed in outgrowing the experimental stage of assumptions we are in as organisms, creating lasting theories describe the reality out there.

No group of people or tribe is excluded or selected to be the one to meet the founder of this all at the end of the journey. Only the idea is passed on, and a lot of people believe this lie.

No one is able to create a similar Life Support System as there is out there, right in front of us.

So, this book neither pretends to pass on the truth nor even revealing it. The hard work has to be done by yourself. It sounds worse and more dramatic than it is.

Only you can, inside yourself, by leaving the layers of i-dentity behind, where you are now. Going home.

Enjoy this book: it is about you, where you are, how you got here and where you can go. Your choice this time.

Health & Well-Being
20 November
Arjen Broens

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