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The consumption of allopathic medicines is on the increase because they seem to give immediate results. Very few people are aware of the harm being done to them not only by medicines that are advertised extensively through radio, television, newspapers and magazines, but also in some cases by medicines prescribed by doctors.

The side-effects of medicines like these are sometimes even responsible for heart attacks. Medicines that bring down high blood pressure, for example, block the nose. Amitryn, which is prescribed for dysentery, makes the heart weak.

There have been many instances of heart attacks and high blood pressure being caused by the use of some contraceptive pills.

Drug manufacturing has now developed into a very large industry the world over. Millions and trillions of rupees have been invested in it. Also this industry is an organized body. It has its own laboratories, its own chemists and analysts. Their main aim is to prepare drugs that will relieve pain at once (or at the earliest). It does not seem to matter how serious their reactions and after-effects are. Their publicity departments are highly organized. They advertise through radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and large hoardings. Each company sends trained representatives to the doctors.

But of all these systems, the principle of Yoga is the simplest and most logical. It believes that the collection of useless or waste material in the body causes disease. The system holds that the beginning of a disease indicates that excessive poison has collected in the body, and it is time to flush out the system, otherwise it will become sick. Different kinds of bath, temperance in diet and fasts help nature in this cleansing process of the body.

But these days, people take the help of Yoga and Naturopathy only when they are tired of drugs. If we want to lead a natural life with good health then we must follow some basic rules of life which is outlined in this book.

Health & Well-Being
May 6
Bhumi Prasad

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