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Molly and Nellie unite for the last time, in this heart-warming saga complete with hilarity, friendship and a perfect wedding.

In You Stole My Heart Away, Joan Jonker brings us the final instalment of her hugely popular Molly and Nellie series, as the two friends get up to more mischief in their beloved Liverpool. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Nadine Dorries.

Molly Bennett and Nellie McDonough are very happy with their lot in life. Their expanding families and abundance of friends always keep them busy. And as they walk arm in arm to the shops every day they are greeted with warmth by their neighbours, for wherever they go they bring fun and laughter with them. Their rock-solid friendship has lasted over twenty years, through good times and bad, and never once have Molly and Nellie fallen out. The two best mates love a bit of excitement so when they learn there is a wedding in the offing which will bring the Bennett, McDonough and Corkhill families even closer it gives the intrepid pair a good reason to save up for a visit into Liverpool and to the shop selling wedding hats. As Nellie says to Corker: 'It had better be a posh wedding to match me posh new hat.'

What readers are saying about You Stole My Heart Away:

'This book was fantastic. I laughed all the way through - walked round the house with a smile on my face. Well done Joan'

'Great book, just what I wanted, a real story to read over and over again'

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February 2

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