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One of the many extraordinary things about Leila Mottley’s debut novel is that fact that she was only 17 when she began writing it. Remarkably assured and heart-wrenching, Nightcrawling is partly inspired by real-life events and traces the courage, anguish and resilience of Kiara, a Black teen left to fend for herself and a neighbour’s young son in a prejudiced society that so often abandons its young and crushes innocence. Catalysed by a fateful misunderstanding, Kiara’s desperation leads her into sex work and the heart of a local police scandal. Nightcrawling is a devastating, rawly authentic portrait of survival, beautifully crafted in electric, evocative prose. While she’s unflinching in her exposure of how America fails so many of its people, Mottley also finds shards of light in the love between some of her richly sculpted characters.


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