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Acid reflux - the words are all too familiar in today’s culture. What is it about this health condition that causes such recognition among so many people? Perhaps it’s the fact so many of us are flooded with commercials on this condition just about every day. Perhaps it’s the fact so many people try to self-diagnose this condition every time they have a bit of heartburn. Maybe it’s because there are so many people who are actually suffering from this condition that it has almost become commonplace. 

Though the instinct of many is to dismiss acid reflux as a seemingly simple condition, it can be a truly difficult one with which to live. If you don’t get the proper diagnosis and work through an appropriate treatment plan with a medical professional, then acid reflux may literally take over your life.

So why is it that acid reflux has become such a common, widespread, and rather accepted health condition? What is it about this particular gastrointestinal disorder that has caused so many to just skip past it? It’s hard to say in each individual case, but for the majority, it probably has to do with the fact there are so many different medications out on the market. So many different drug companies have jumped in on the act to distribute and market their own version of acid reflux medication. You’re seeing so many different commercials because there are that many medications that all promise to help you cope with the common symptoms. 

While this can be a relief to those who suffer from acid reflux and to doctors who prescribe them, it can all be a bit confusing as well. Understanding what acid reflux is and how to live with it can come in handy. This can be a rather frustrating and debilitating gastrointestinal disorder, and getting into the details of it can help you to cope throughout your life.

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Millian Quinteros
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October 9
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