FFM: Five Ménage a Trois Erotica Stories (Unabridged‪)‬

Cindy Jameson and Others
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FFM threesome sex is the most popular fantasy for women and men, and there’s no mystery about that at all. For a woman, it’s the best of both worlds with a beautiful first lesbian experience and a nice hard c**k. As for the guys...who wouldn’t want the opportunity for two mouths, two women for a first anal sex experience, and two women ready and willing to have some nice rough sex? Naughty Daydreams Press has collected five of the hottest FFM ménage a trois short stories for you in this steamy collection, so get it today...we know you want it!

Doing Dahlia with Daren (A Slut Wife’s First Lesbian Sex MFF Threesome Erotica Story) by Erika Hardwick

Tara certainly didn’t plan for her first lesbian sex experience, but when she and her husband Darren meet the beautiful and sexy Dahlia in a bar, she can’t help but be attracted to her. When Dahlia kisses her and makes it clear she’s planning on introducing Tara to her first lesbian sex experience, she can’t tell her no! Darren doesn’t mind at all. He gets to watch his wife and enjoy two women in a red hot ménage a trois with deepthroat and rough sex!

Taking a Man Together: An MFF First Threesome erotica story by Jane Kemp

Sadie and Robin are enjoying the prospects of a summer in Europe, even though jetlag has them drained on their arrival. Things get exciting right away, though, because they meet Jack, a handsome military man ready to show the two American girls what tricks an American in Europe has picked up. Soon, they’re in the midst of a scorching hot threesome, complete with lesbian sex, deepthroat, and good old fashioned hardcore f**king!

My Wife's Hot Friend (A Threesome Fantasy Cum True) by Cindy Jameson

Linda’s lucky husband likes nothing more than the hot tub nights he has with his lovely wife, Linda. One night, after a party, they unwind like they always do, naked in the hot tub. Surprise! Amy, Linda’s friend seems them making out and she’s ready to join in!

Cindy Jameson says, “This is another of my stories where I experimented with writing from the point of view of the man. Can’t wait to hear from my readers about it!”

The Backdoor Bride (A First Anal Sex FFM Threesome Erotica Story) by Nancy Brockton

When a woman marries a man 10 years her senior, she has to be prepared for a difference in sexual drive and ability. This bride understands that, but she doesn’t mind. She’s in love and she’s willing to spend her life without any hardcore sex if that’s what it takes for them to be better. Her fiancé Andrew minds, though; and if he can’t satisfy her, he’s going to make sure someone else can. In this case, it means her first lesbian experience with a hot Asian girl and a scorching MFF threesome complete with her first anal sex experience - and she has it in her wedding gown!

Slamed in The Sand: A Very Rough MFF Threesome Public Sex Short by Stacy Reinhardt

Walking on the beach early in the morning, Nikki is surprised to come across a very attractive couple having sex right out in the open. She can’t help but spy on them, but when they catch her, they have plans for this elementary school teacher. Slapping, pinching, spanking, forced deepthroat - and that’s just the start! By the end of it, she’s had her first lesbian sex experience and her first anal sex! It’s a rough sex extravaganza as only Stacy Reinhardt can write it.

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various FFM sex encounters.

Teddi Davis
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2 April
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