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In the past years, the gluten-free lifestyle is only meant for those who were forced to settle for food that look a lot like sawdust but didn’t taste as good. Today, the gluten-free lifestyle is slowly easing into the world of healthy living with gluten-free products readily available everywhere. The labels are far less confusing, and people no longer tag you as weird when you ask for a burger without the bun.

In all actuality, being gluten-free is a lifestyle. It isn’t about being on a diet. So whether you’ve been gluten-free for years or are looking to try this out, this book is loaded with information that can affect every aspect of your life, from health and how you cook and eat to socializing, lessening expenses, and managing various emotional ups and downs.

This book will help you make healthy food decisions. This is the reference guide you need to help you with all aspects that concern gluten.

It is high time that you take full control of your diet. Going gluten-free gives you an opportunity to also reach out to other people who may be considering trying it out or are still confused of what to do. You will get a chance to discover and learn more about nutrition and what you’re actually putting into your body on a daily basis. Not only can you look better, but you also can feel better about yourself!

Food is fuel - it’s supposed to give you energy and make you feel good, and not restrict you or hurt you. But when you eat food that your body refuses to acknowledge as something good, you just simply have to knock it off. Food that your body will object when you are sensitive to gluten may cause bloating, nausea, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and even those warning signs that have nothing to do with gastrointestinal tract.

Luckily, when you figure out which food your body don’t approve of, you can stop eating them. In fact, if you feed your body the right food, you’ll feel great in a lot of ways. Get to know more about being gluten and the many recipes you can create with the help of this book.

Brittany St. Arnold
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June 2
David Martin Studios