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Raising farm animals is an excellent profession. Contrary to popular belief, starting the profession doesn't cost as much as many think. Also, becoming an expert in livestock rearing does not mean living on a farm. Farm animals can be raised in an existing corner that can be safely converted into a shed. Farm animals, like chickens, can be housed in a small cage. This will not only provide you with eggs but also guarantee a constant supply of meat. Indeed, raising farm animals is a sure way to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Farm animals provide quality meats, nutritious milk, tasty eggs, and salable wool and fibers.  

This book provides a thorough explanation of the process of raising farm animals. There are five types of farm animals covered in this book, including goats, chickens, turkeys, cattle, and sheep. Each of these animals is well known for its ability to supply quality and nutritious meat, eggs and/or milk. Information on the different breeds of each animal and how to choose the best breed is also provided.  

This book provides the necessary information on the feed for each breed and how to raise them from birth to maturity. Information is provided on the process of extracting milk, egg production, and hatching the eggs. The book also examines how to get fibers from fiber producing goats, and how to shear a sheep's wool.  

This book explains the best place to get each farm animal, how to raise them to maturity, and how to butcher them. The book provides reasons why animals should not be purchased at an auction house and where to safely purchase your animals. Also, the book examines the different diseases and infections that can threaten the health of your animals. The book also provides information on how to treat each disease and infection, especially at the infant stage.

If you have ever considered having farm animals, now is your chance to learn if this a good option for you. You may be surprised to learn how fun and rewarding it can be.

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Laura Mainella
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June 23
Mayas Publishing LLC