Persuasion and Influence: This Book Includes: Persuasion Techniques + Nonviolent Communication: The Best Way to Connect with Others. Techniques of Dark Psychology; NLP; Manipulation of Mind (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 11,99 €

Publisher Description

Does it seem hard to get a handle on your emotions at times, especially when others are being unreasonable?

If you want to learn the art of mental manipulation
If you want to improve your persuasion skills
If you want to learn the best methods, so that people get your ideas
If you want to know the magic words to get out of any problematic situation
If you can relate to any of these situations, then this book is for you

Persuasion skills can get you anything you want in this world. It can get you influence and power in the society; it can get you married; it can convince your competitor’s customers that the products you offer are better; it can get you anything. You only need to go about it from an informed position, so that you do not end up overselling your position and being discovered. This isn’t to say that persuasion is wrong, even the worst of its kind, manipulation, is legal. Being discovered means that people will realize that you want to shift their thinking to your side, and they will begin to build mental or emotional barriers to keep that from happening. If they do this, your efforts will have been unsuccessful, and this is not the path you wish to take. 

This book opens the door to a whole new world of techniques and steps to take when you want to shift the opinions of people. 

Inside this book, you will find: 

The most comprehensive coverage of persuasion skills with real-life examples of how they are used to shift opinion
The most credible advice on how to convince others of your opinion
The most useful guide for how to make your opinion and your voice heard
Advice on how to make your voice heard by persons in authority
The most valuable tips for helping you read body communication
A discussion on the most powerful weapons of influence
The most vivid description of the behavior of a good leader
A description of some of the most potent magic words you can use to get yourself out of any problematic situation
A helpful introduction to the practice of nonviolent communication for people who are thinking about learning about the NVC method and its practices.

This book will allow you to be able to gain a much clearer understanding of the NVC method and the different things that it aims to teach people with regards to being able to communicate effectively with other people around them. 

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