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Are you eager to start learning piano? If so, Piano Lessons for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Learn Piano is the right audiobook for you! In this audiobook, you’ll find all the basics a beginner needs to start playing smooth, harmonious tones on one of the most captivating instruments in the world. In this audiobook, you will learn how to:

Read notes, music charts, and sheets.
Interpret musical symbols to not only play the melodies accurately, but also give them the right tempo and sensitivity/touch. 
Play the instrument properly and ergonomically so you can practice consistently without pain and discomfort. 
Produce tones and chords of different tonality, sensitivity, pace, and complexity. 
Play different musical elements to give more dimension to your music. 
Learn to recognize different tonalities and tone durations. 
And so much more! 

Piano Lessons for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Learn Piano won’t just introduce you to the basics of piano theory. In this audiobook, you will also find exercises with step-by-step instructions to learn:

How to play on the keyboard and create tones using proper finger placement and hand position.
Tones, scales, playing in different keys, chords, chord progressions, inversions, and arpeggios. 
How to practice different rhythms, notes, and rests. 
How to master melodies through playful exercises with scales, chords, and inversions to rule the keyboard. 
How to truly bond with the instrument through the creative process of daily practicing. 
How to structure your lessons to use your time more efficiently. 
And more! 

This audiobook will demystify the piano and show you the most graceful ways to navigate the keyboard even if you’re playing for the first time. Using the direct explanations and concise instructions given in this audiobook, you’ll no longer be confused over playing music. This audiobook offers numerous exercises for you to start playing the piano correctly. In addition, with interesting and fun exercises provided with each lesson, you will gradually build your piano-playing knowledge and muscle memory with only a little bit of daily work.

Hurry up and grab the Piano Lessons for Beginners: The Easiest Way to Learn Piano now so you don’t miss out on the short and sweet daily exercises for inspiring and creative piano play! 

William Bahl
hr min
4 May
Spirit Publishing LLC