Rich Habits of the Millionaire Fast Lane: Money Master Skill, Money Ebook (Unabridged) Rich Habits of the Millionaire Fast Lane: Money Master Skill, Money Ebook (Unabridged)

Rich Habits of the Millionaire Fast Lane: Money Master Skill, Money Ebook (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 5,99 €

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Have you ever realized that no matter how many promotions you get, life seems to get more expensive instead of more affordable? Do your financial goals feel like they’re drifting further and further away? 

It’s easy to get caught up in lifestyle creep, having your expenses and standard of living go up with each and every promotion you get. Instead of building liabilities, what if you could build up assets? Studies show that an estimated 64 percent of people will not have enough money when they retire. What if you could make sure that you retire with enough money to live on? Would you do it?

Being financially successful is more about what you do from day to day. It’s about the decisions that you make when you go to the store and how you choose to live. It’s about deciding the type of investment strategy that works for you, your goals, and your financial decisions that you want to make. 

Most of us don’t think much about how our behaviors impact our financial situation. You might not realize it, but your mindset and behaviors influence everything. If you think that math is nothing but a numbers game, you’re wrong. In the real world, people don’t focus on the numbers; they decide what to do based on what helps them to sleep better at night. 

As you listen through this audiobook, you’ll gain several important financial lessons that will help you to live a lifestyle that will help you to get the lifestyle you desire, such as:

Learning about balancing luck and risk, while also understanding what you need
Learning how to gain your own financial freedom
Recognizing when wealth is built by not spending money
Seeing the difference between your ego and your financial strategy
Learning how to plan out the financial goal that fits your lifestyle needs
Discovering what you can do to live a reasonable life rather than focusing on rational decisions
Accounting for changes in your lifestyle over the years
Always building contingency plans
Saving money, even if you don’t have a reason to
How to understand the difference between good and bad debt
And more!

You might not be convinced; if you don’t have a lot of money, how would you be able to build the wealth you want? How can you possibly begin to save money and have it grow? 

Even if you’re worried about how to do it, you can make it happen. Wealth can be grown from a single seed with the power of smart savings, investing, and compound interest. As you listen to this book, you’ll learn that nourishing that seed begins with learning how your behavior and how simple lifestyle changes and considerations can help you to build wealth. With ideas such as understanding that no one’s financial situations are crazy and the idea that instead of trying to make decisions rationally, you should focus on living reasonably, you’ll be able to find your financial freedom. 

Your financial goals and dreams are closer than you probably believe. Are there other books on this subject? Yes! More points of view - get those too.

Building wealth is all about being able to save more than you’re willing to spend. Are you ready to commit to building your own? 

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Daniel Dorse
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1 September
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