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A "mother of the groom" billionaire romance for the wishful wedding of the year.

Mayor Sandra Crawford has survived divorce. She's survived cancer. But she's not at all sure she'll survive the discovery that her town's billionaire philanthropist benefactor is actually the man she nearly left her husband for, almost 30 years ago.

Gerald Peyton III didn't fight for Sandy back in college - a decision he's regretted ever since. Now, Trey's older, wiser, and determined to win the heart of the woman he's never forgotten.

When they wake up married in Vegas, Sandy chalks it up to a reckless mistake, but Trey's not willing to let her go so easily.

Can he convince her to give their marriage a legitimate chance, or will she let him go for good this time?

Author interview

Q: What makes the Wishful series special?

Wishful is a collection of southern romance novels honoring my Mississippi roots. When I started the series, I set out to highlight everything that I love about living in the small town South - all our quirks, foibles, and dreams provide a fabulous (and often funny) backdrop to contemporary romances about stubborn, independent women and the men who love them.

Q: Who would dig these books?

Wishful is a southern romance series for anyone looking for love in a small town. If you loved Hart of Dixie and miss the residents of Bluebell, you just might fall in love with Wishful. It's a town where everybody knows your name and hope springs eternal! Many of my fans also enjoy the books of Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kristan Higgins, Melanie Shawn, Ava Miles, and Jill Shalvis.

Q: What order should I read the books in?

This southern romance series has been written so that each story is a stand-alone that wraps up with a happily ever after by the end. That said, if you want to read (or listen to) them in chronological order, I suggest this:

To Get Me to You
Be Careful, It's My Heart
Know Me Well
Just for This Moment
Wish I Might
Turn My World Around
Dance Me a Dream
See You Again

Q: Are there crossovers with other series?

Yes! My Meet Cute Romance series of novelettes includes two Wishful stories: "Once upon a Coffee" and "Once upon a Setup". My Wishing for a Hero series takes a look at the more suspenseful side of Wishful.

Amy McFadden
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November 28
Kait Nolan