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Hootchy-kootchy Meets Rich and Snooty in the Delightfully Sweet Americana Romance, Bicycle Built for Two, from Rachel Wilson

—1893 Chicago World’s Fair—

Hard-working, snobbish, and overbearing, Alex English is proud of his position in the World's Fair Agricultural Forum. When one of the women working as a fortune-teller and stand-in for the dancer, Little Egypt, threatens to upset the wholesome, educational atmosphere, Alex takes umbrage.

Kate Finney is working two jobs at the fair to make ends meet and to keep herself and her mother safe from her alcoholic father. But her father pursues her to the fair and then tries to kill her. Mr. Finney is just the sort of nasty element Alex wants kept away from the fair, and if that means Kate must lose her jobs, so be it.

But Kate's not going without a fight!

Completely vexed by Kate's response, Alex sees the smart, strong, beautiful Kate in a new light. But it takes an unsolicited act of kindness to bridge the gap between their separate worlds and ignite a fire not easily quenched.

Publisher's Note: Set in a real time and place, this story is a light and humorous romance about a couple that couldn't be more mismatched. Light on sensuality, this story will be enjoyed by readers who appreciate sweet romance.

"A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO is a rollicking ride into the gay nineties and a look at life on the wrong side of the tracks. Alex is part of the rich aristocracy and quite the snob when it comes to associating with the unfortunate people of the lower classes. He has the absurd idea that the poor are simply down on their luck because they choose to be. He is exasperating and sometimes so naive that he frustrates me. Kate is an acid-tongued young woman who is rude and pushy to the extent you want to shake her out of it. When Alex's rose-colored vision of life meets Kate's everyday reality there is an explosion of fireworks. Alex is brought down to humility and Kate is brought up to the realization that there is kindness in the world. Ms. Duncan has penned a fine adventure. A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO is a delightful story and not to be missed!" ~Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today

The Meet Me at the Fair Series
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A Bicycle Built for Two

6 October
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