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New York Times bestselling author Wendy Lindstrom “continues to impress with her understanding of human emotions and how we express them at all ages.” 

“How I love these characters and their world. Such a beautiful Christmas story. Loved it!” ~Mmoore

“Bound to be a classic.” ~Reads A lot

“A charming story of a boy learning lessons of family, friendship, community, and young love.” ~Patricia

“Very sweet story of two young people falling in love, two orphans finding a home, and the spirit of giving.” ~Mike


When Adam Grayson and his sweetheart Rebecca discover two orphans hiding in his sister’s greenhouse, they promise to help the boys find a warm, loving home. Adam never suspects that home might be his own. Being an only son is not a position he wants to give up, but in trying to protect his place as an only son, will Adam lose what he wants most—to win Rebecca’s heart and become a man of integrity like his father and uncles?

Please Note: A Home For Christmas is also published as  of A Christmas Promise and Sleigh of Hope.


“This is a wonderful Christmas story that reminds me of what the meaning of Christmas really is. It is a heartwarming story about a family that provides love and support to all. It will leave you smiling and remind you of what family means.

“This is a great Christmas story. If you are missing the Christmas spirit read this book I guaranty it will put you in the mood to do something for someone in need. Will leave you smiling and remind you of what family means.” ~Julie S

“Heartfelt, suspense, loving and filled with kindness.”

“Filled with love, compassion , heartache and longing. From the moment I started reading, I didn't want to put it down. There were moments I felt that I was watching the book unfold right before my eyes. If you enjoy a book that will fill you to the brim please read for yourself.” ~KButler Photography

“This is so great as you see people helping friends, neighbors, families, and strangers. The spirit of Christmas and the true meaning comes across so great.”

“One of the better books I've read ever.”

“This is a heartwarming story of how a boy who has just been adopted and found a place of his own with his new family deals with jealousy and insecurity when a couple of brothers in a situation very similar to himself come along. As he struggles with his feelings, Adam finds the true meaning of Christmas.” ~Mary Dieterich

“The author is very good in her stories. This story had a very heart warming meaning to it. Giving is a gift, but also being able to receive a gift with thanksgiving is also a gift. I hope the author will write again about a group of people or family.” ~Joan

“Love the Grayson world and this glimpse of Rebecca and Adam growing up into such remarkable adults.”

Young Adult
October 11
Rustic Studio Publishing

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