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Adaptability is an Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency that entails having the flexibility to handle change, balance multiple demands, and adapt to new situations with fresh ideas.

An adaptable leader can meet challenges as they arise and adjust strategy or style based on what is needed most. They are not halted by sudden change, remaining comfortable with the uncertainty that leadership can bring.

In Adaptability: A Primer, Daniel Goleman and colleagues introduce the Adaptability Competency and describe why it is essential for quality leadership.

This is the third in a series of primers that explores each of the 12 Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies, with a thorough overview of the Competency Model itself. The first in the series is Emotional Self-Awareness, the second is Emotional Self-Control.

Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Richard J. Davidson, Vanessa Druskat, and George Kohlrieser explain what it takes to be adaptable from the perspectives of research, psychology, neuroscience, team dynamics, and leadership development.

Here’s what is included:

Overview of the Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency Model
Introduction to Adaptability
Adaptability and Leadership
Teams and Adaptability
Training Your Brain to Be Flexible
Developing Adaptability

Whether you are individual looking to elevate your personal performance, a consultant or coach in need of research-based resources, or a head of leadership development in your organization seeking a brief yet informative resource to share with your team, this primer is for you.

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March 9
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