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This book is a continuation of my previous two “ALIEN SECURITY” books subtitled, “Beware” and “Freedom”. Those previous books used fictional characters named Tom Evens, Stan Edwards and Linda Davis to reveal the hidden truth about the United States Government’s involvement with extraterrestrial races and showed how malevolent alien beings could be eliminated from influencing humanity on Earth. This current book shows how powerful reptilian forces within the Earth could completely dominate the surface of the planet and turn humanity into their slaves.

In this new book, Tom Evens and Linda Davis settle down to live a comfortable life together in retirement. However, the Queen of Reptilian humanoid beings within vast cavern city complexes underground, becomes enraged about the attack on two of her soldiers and starts a global war with humanity. What happens after that is not pleasant for the reader to follow.

My purpose for writing this book is to demonstrate what life could be like for humanity if it fails to become aware of the existence of other intelligent beings in the universe and does not determine how to interact with them. There are both, benevolent and malevolent alien beings here among us and it is hoped that this book will help humanity to handle the monumental challenges before us. The importance here is that humanity becomes informed and prepared for the days ahead. Good luck to us all.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
28 March
Maurice Osborn

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