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As a once-thriving sitcom writer, I wrote this as my fictionalized story of ups, downs and maybe some gossip. Part memoir of a 30-something woman, Valerie, who wrote for sit-com; part love story of how Valerie and an unexpected man fall in love, almost lose their minds and each other only to fall more deeply in love by book's end; and part travelogue of a long-term trip to Sydney, Australia during the 2000 Olympics, a place where everyone's beautiful but drunk and the landscape is sharper than anyone living there.

Instead of a linear tale of each in sequence, these three threads weave together and dovetail to tell a story where by each chapter's end, a new view of Valerie is revealed. It's a high profile and yet down-to-earth journey of a woman looking to make her life work when nothing around her makes sense at any given time. Particularly her work in sit-com, a place where women are not considered funny, but toilet jokes are.

Bad Reputation also delves into Valerie's complicated and unique family life (a much-married mother and Christian Fundamentalist step father who leaves her notes asking her to dinner and telling her that Satan is her Master).

It's also a story of Valerie's' search for love of her own, made particularly difficult since she makes more money than most men she meets in a world (LA) where only male power is based on money and female power is based on looks.

Finally, it's a first-person narrative of how Valerie gets it all, loses it, and then gets it back for real.

Bad Reputation is for those who love a funny book with emotions and tons of heart, yet also want to know what kind of person Roseanne really is.

Fiction & Literature
August 17
Rebecca Parr Cioffi

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