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Bringing your new baby home is one of the most exciting days of your life.  You are embarking on a new phase of your life that is wonderful and everything about your journey should be positive.  We are here to make that happen.  We will help you understand the key things that will help you and your baby learn how to sleep through the night.  

Helping your baby sleep through the night isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it can be done, and with a few hard nights, you can make it happen.  By teaching your baby how to fall asleep on his or her own, you will thank yourself for years to come that you put in a little bit of effort in the beginning.  We’ll talk about the essentials of all the things in your baby’s life that contribute to his or her sleeping schedule, because things like eating and bedtime routines all affect how well and how long your baby sleeps. 

Here are the main ideas we will address to help you as you begin your journey:

- The Feeding Routine and how it positively or negatively can affect how your baby sleeps through the night.

- Implementing a Night Time Routine for your baby, so he or she gets used to and understands when it is time to wind down for the day and prepare to go to sleep.

- Learning about the Idea of Letting your Baby Cry it Out when you put the baby down at night, so he or she learns to fall asleep on his or her own without anything else to help.

- Understanding the Importance of Safety both with the environment and your baby, so you can feel comfortable putting your baby to sleep knowing he or she is safe all night long.

- A Few Extra Tips and Tricks to try if everything else seems to be failing or even just if you’re looking for a few more answers.

June 8
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