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Does your baby refuse to sleep, wake up every 30 mins during the night or always wakes up too early in the morning?
Are you desperate to let your baby sleep without crying?
Do you need some good profound rest yourself?

Then keep reading…

Are you rocking your baby to sleep for an hour only to get him or her waking up 25 mins later? Even without a sleep problem, your newborn hasn't developed the right hormone balance yet to follow the day-and-night rhythm in the first 3 months. But how does that leave you? Maybe you feel like a living zombie?

All moms and dads have been there. Some worse than others. You are in the middle of it. Don't worry, there has been done a great amount of research and study on practical and healthy ways to get your baby to sleep independently. As a help for all sleep-deprived moms, it's my duty to share everything I have learned dealing with my babies.

In 'Baby Sleep training: What Works' you will discover:
The step-by-step baby sleep training methods based on your baby's age (page 16, 26 and 37)Practical sleep hygiene and the ideal sleep environment for your baby (page 8 and 9)To the point tips and tricks for your baby's day-time naps (page 18)How to handle sleep regressions when the baby grows for reasons like growing teeth (page 35)An overview of the Common Sleep problems for babies you can discuss with your pediatrician (page 40)How baby Sleeps differs per culture and what you can learn from it (page 39)Easy to understand infographics how your baby´s sleep develops in the first 12 months (page 15, 26 and 32)
All the information you will find is based on scientific evidence. ….

Every baby is different. Regarding baby sleep, there is NO such thing as one size fits all. The training offered in this book give you the flexibility and room to use it in the way which suits you and your baby the best 

You are probably very tired and do not have a lot of time. This book is optimized to give you quick and to the point information. No need to read a 300-page book. This book contains a well-organizedeasy to follow and structured solution for your baby's sleep problems. 

Do yourself and your baby a big favor, stop searching hours on the Internet, stop scrolling the long lists of books, start on training your baby to sleep 12 hours every night and get back your well-deserved rest.

You and your baby have suffered more than enough.

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October 9
Maria Isabella Perez