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Backstage Secrets forms the first novel of a trilogy and centres around the life of
Martha DiPinto. Martha is a single woman in her thirties who works as a Teleprompter (Autocue Operator) in the conference and live events industry. Her antics are risque but hilarious whilst at the same time her personal life is tinged with heartbreaking sadness and dogged by complications.

The novel is based around a large conference being held in Cannes, South of France for KAYSO Inc. a US based fashion company. The conference crew have flown in from the UK to stage the event and during this time, Martha encounters more than she bargains for! The story is not about the conference itself it's what goes on behind the scenes that's of real interest. The novel gives a true insight and portrayal into life amongst crew who work 'backstage' in the events industry. However, it's Martha's promiscuity with its twists and turns that gives variation to emotions, that makes it such an hilarious as well as sad emotive read.

Martha's rule of never sleeping with a client falls by the wayside when she meets Howard Johnson III, Senior Vice-President of KAYSO Inc and an affair begins in Suite 444. He is handsome, clever, witty, wealthy and going through a divorce.

However, deep within her heart lies her true love, Alexandre, who just happens to live in Monaco but is married. Her on/off relationship with him is definitely off. He has hurt her too many times in the past and she has vowed never to get involved with him again. But when she finds herself in such close proximity, she succumbs to temptation and re-ignites the tempestuous affair.

When her work is done and conference ends, Howard invites Martha to stay on in the
Cote D'Azur for the weekend, aboard a yacht; she accept his invitation, but inadvertently finds herself stepping onto Alexandre's yacht, with Howard, Alexandre and of course Alexandre's wife aboard!

So what happens? Which man does she choose? Indeed, does she actually have a choice or will this be the end of both affairs?

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December 8
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