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Memories are jewels of the privileged.
I don't know the good times or the bad. I only know the here and now.
My surroundings bear no resemblance to me.
He swore a hundred times he knows nothing of my past. Can I trust him?
How did I get here? More importantly, where did I come from?
I need answers.
I need to find home.


My life has been turned upside down since that day I found her in the snowy woods.
I don't know where she came from, but I do know she came into my life for a reason.
She is a good woman, fit to be a decent mother to my three boys.
The cabin is brighter since she got here.
I want her to stay.

Q & A with Author Blue Davis

Where does the story take place?
The story mostly takes place in Lapland, Sweden. This is a mountainous area of Northern Sweden. It is home to the Ice Hotel and Northern Lights. It is arctic, Nordic, and close to the North Pole. It is home to indigenous Scandinavians.

Why Sweden?
I think it's interesting to have a black American girl wake up in a place that is so far from home that there is not a single person there that looks like her or knows where she came from. She has amnesia in a big way. There is a major contrast between the way she looks and the way these bright blond-haired people look, and she searches endlessly to find out the reason why she has ended up there. This is a good examination of whether love between a black woman and a white man can transcend race and culture. If you woke up tomorrow and had no past, would you still choose the same or similar partner? This is not your everyday interracial BWWM story. It takes a closer look at the phenomenon of love. How can two people from two different sides of the world fall in love?

Is this a series or stand-alone?
This is a fast-paced, suspenseful stand-alone novella. I don't plan on making it a series, but I never say never!

What's the steam-level?
All the way. It's super-hot in some scenes, and underlying sexual tension in others.

March 3
Blue Davis

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