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Whether it's a billionaire after the one that got away, a rockstar looking for that perfect girl on the road, or a basketball star seeking love, each of these bad boys will see why they can't resist the lure of a woman with curves.

This 31,000+ full figured fiction box set includes three stand alone short stories: Curves For Her Billionaire, Curves For Her Rockstar, and Curves For Her Basketballer.

Curves For Her Billionaire

After a devastating breakup, Blair is broken and fix what went wrong. It can’t hurt to look up the man she could—and should—have picked years ago. What’s the harm in just seeing him, right? 

Peter's one of the richest men in Texas—not to mention well-endowed—and that means he can have any girl he wants, literally. So when Blair shows up at his mansion a shadow of the strong curvy woman he used to know, he's not about to tolerate that. 

But as Blair discovers, Peter has a very specific idea about how to help her heal, one that involves obeying his every command, a special table, and some very thick chains. 

With his guiding hand, can Blair learn to love her curves and start her life anew? 

Curves For Her Rockstar

Jodi's a roadie, and she’s set her heart on the hottest country music rockstar on the planet—Blake Brooks. 

But after six desperate months on the road, she’s no closer to launching her music career, or even scoring some hot and heavy close-up time with the tall, dark and handsome rockstar. 

As for Blake… well, fame, fortune, and a legion of willing female would be the stuff of most musician's wet dreams. Pity the women falling all over him don't have what he really craves – a body with curves. 

Can they solve each other's problems and find in each other what they've both been searching for? 

Curves For Her Basketballer

Becky's a curvy veteran-turned-bodyguard looking for her place in the civilian world. 

Jamal's the bad boy of basketball, a player who loves hitting on even the most locked-down of ladies.

To prevent a lawsuit—or worse—and keep Jamal in check, the team owner hires Becky to watch his back. But Jamal is nothing like she expected… and his muscled ebony skinned body is just what she desires. There’s no way he's into full-figured women... or is he? 

Note: This bundle is a steamy romance collection with HEAs. Recommended for readers 18+ due to content.

October 21
Leslie Hunter

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