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No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.

Forever Yours

Adam is back, and Jenna doesn't know what to do with herself. She can't go there, too much has happened, but what if she can't resist...

After all this time, he's back!

Jenna Smee was forced to get on with her life after a tragic event turned all her plans on their head ten years ago, and she assumed that she was doing just fine. Not great, but okay.

But then Adam Martin crashes back into her life, reminding her that nothing is perfect after all.

He's hotter than ever, now with power and money to make him even more alluring, but Jenna has to keep away. With this secret hanging over their heads, there's no way that they can cave.

But sometimes, chemistry is too powerful, and there's no way to resist it, even if it does end up making everything even more complicated than before.

Love isn't always enough, but sometimes it's too much to ignore.

Bad Boy Daddy

Cherise Clayton has had it up to here with boring, nice guys. But when bad boy biker Lynx rescues her from a bar fight gone horribly wrong, is he just what she needed or too much for her to handle?

Blogger Cherise Clayton is a successful writer and fiercely independent woman who doesn't have time for romance. She needs to focus on her career.

When she's on the road researching a story, she wanders into the wrong dive bar and is confronted by a group of grizzled bikers who don't appreciate a black woman wandering into their watering hole. She stands up for herself, but the gang is having none of it. Luckily for Cherise, Alexander "Lynx" Andrews, a handsome young biker, comes to her rescue, defending her from the others and sweeping her off her feet and onto the back of his bike.

After a passionate night, Cherise uncovers a few shocking secrets from Lynx's past and flees back home to San Francisco. When she discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant by Lynx, Cherise has to decide if it's best to keep this baby to herself, or reach out to her baby's bad boy daddy.


Eliana Russet lives an ordinary life with an ordinary job and an ordinary best friend. But her whole world is twisted upside down when she finds out that she's pregnant…which is virtually impossible considering she's been celibate for the last six months. Zander Olgarian, an impossibly attractive man, reveals himself as the father of her child and Eliana's world comes crashing down.

Not only is Zander her child's father, but he is also an alien prince, sent down to Earth to create his heir. Eliana has to fight through secret government groups trying to hunt her, loud-mouthed best friends, and hot-headed women on her quest to protect her child and figure out exactly what she's gotten herself into.

With every new turn, she doesn't know who to trust. She's becoming lost in a world unknown to her and she's struggling to keep a hold on her sanity. But she's a fighter, and she'll be damned if she lets anyone hurt her baby.

September 16
Scarlet Heart Publishing

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