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It has been over a year now since Donald Trump surprised the world with his iconoclastic* ascent to become the most powerful man in the world: President of the United States of America. His style of action pleases his ‘base’ and horrifies the other half of a country that had been the leader of the Free World. Now priorities are being re-organized, often with dysfunction and intrigue. These 41 Trump Poems track the journey of the controversial figure who willed himself into office, amidst a political atmosphere that we have never seen before, in a most dramatic dangerous time...

"Believe Me" is what Donald Trump often says after he lies, or misleads - which the Washington Post states has happened over 2000 times during his young Presidency. Volume One of Trump Poems starts with this titled poem, and 40 more poems follow, chronicling Trump and his "Best" cast of characters’ managing our USA . Cartoons and pearls of information add to the flow of the book, giving insight into many of the poems. If you are concerned about our country and Mr. Trump's impulsive tweet-riddled Presidency, this book may voice your cares and emotions. Various other poems included deal with Invincibility, the firing of James Comey, Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, a comparison of Trump and Nixon, poems about the co-Alabamans Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions, Donald Babbling About War Recklessly, Putin Reaps The Booty, Integrity On A Bender, Black NFL Player (followed by the text of a tweet from Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots), Lauding President Andrew Jackson [#7 POTUS], Envisioning Misogyny, ending with the perplexing question/poem: Why Ignore Russian Cyber-Infiltration Of Our Nation?

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*characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions

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April 14
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