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I would not say that I am an authority of erotica, however, I am a feeling, breathing, sensual, lusty, and highly sexual female that feels everything. (smile)

I feel every touch of a fingertip, every breath breathed onto my ear, every glance, every word spoken in the moment, every lick and moisture of his lips, the thickness of his wrists, the girthiness of his body, and the feel of its heaviness on top of mine.

Yes... I feel every strong embrace that leaves me breathless, every bead of sweat that starts to form on his forehead, every single hair on his chest that peppers down his belly and hide beyond the band of his boxer briefs, his hardened nipples, every jerk of his shaft, every twitch of his muscles; yes, everything. (blush)

Does that make me an authority? I am not certain that it does, but I love the words that escapes my pen to explode itself onto paper. (smile)

Currently, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada; with frequent trips to Europe alone. Being a single woman, I love exploring different things, mainly different countries. it is a freeing experience for me, and I want to see a lot through my own eyes before I enter into that serious relationship that I crave so much to be in.

My friends, and people that know me (guys and girls) have described me as: Fun, funny, full of energy, positive, witty, tall, curvy, statuesque, chocolatey, educated, beautiful, sexy, sensual, steamy, giggly, always smiling, addictive, creative, positive, adventuress, loner, kind, confident, somewhat fearless, not afraid to speak her mind (with kindness), have a plethora of skills and knowledge, and down to earth. To me, I am just a girl in a woman's body. (smile)

Fiction & Literature
March 6