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Book your ticket to Magic Island, where the potions are brewed fresh daily, the beaches are perfect for creature-watching, and the fangs and fur are on full display.

In the aftermath of a heartbreaking life-or-death choice that left Glenn mourning his lost lady love, rookie witch Wren Winters is desperate for a fresh start. Luckily for her, plenty of changes are afoot as she explores her new relationship with the dashing Sebastian, leaves her short-lived career as a gossip columnist behind for good, and, most importantly, finally receives a wand of her own. Other than a few bumps in the road—her mysterious connection to Lord Macon, the man in black’s unsettling disappearance—things are starting to look up.

But, as Wren quickly discovers, good fortune doesn’t last forever, and those pesky bumps soon look more like mountains. Her new job is a disaster, her magic has suddenly gone rogue, and a kindly old centaur is murdered right under her nose… with Wren moments away from becoming the killer’s unintended second victim.

Wren’s investigative chops are put to the test once more, and her pursuit of justice takes her from the smoky back room of a leprechaun-run casino to the lair of one of the most fearsome beasts the island has ever seen. But as she closes in on the truth, Wren’s own murky past is starting to catch up with her… and the killer’s identity may not be the only surprise that’s lurking in the shadows.

Author's Note: Each book includes a self-contained mystery, but there are longer, ongoing subplots that continue throughout the series.

Crime & Thrillers
12 November
Emery Belle

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