Billy Bartou and the Voodoo Woman Billy Bartou and the Voodoo Woman

Billy Bartou and the Voodoo Woman

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     The word frontier is defined a number of ways. I choose to think of a frontier as a place where a policeman cannot be found on every corner. No matter where this place exists, the citizen has to sometimes protect herself

     Most of us think of ourselves as just ordinary and we admire those we perceive as heroes. However, heroes are nothing more than the ordinary person stepping out to somehow defend justice and honor.

     This collection of stories depicts regular, everyday folks that stood tall whether they wanted to or not.

Billy Bartou and the Voodoo Woman—What's an inexperienced 16-year-old boy supposed to do against a sheriff that has gone bad? Enlist the help of his aunt. After all, she knows a little about voodoo.

Rain Along the Trail—Young Alice and her brother are travelling when they meet up with a sadistic rapist. She takes her brother and they run to the mountains. They run until she decides she doesn't like being chased.

Christmas 1863—Two brothers decide they have had enough war and want to go home to see their mother. They decide to leave and head south. Was this the best decision they could have made?

Two Marbles and a Key—Tells the story of a young soldier heading home after being released at Appomattox. He's a few days on the road when a young woman running from the three soldiers that killed her parents slips into his camp asking for help. She is carrying the answer to where some buried gold can be found. What does he do…after all it is three to one?

The Quilt's Journey—A story about the kidnapping of a baby girl from her frontier home as told through the impressions of the quilt she is bundled in.

Crazy Woman—The legends tell of a crazy woman that lived for a while on a creek in Wyoming. Crazy Woman Creek is named for her. While this story is totally fictitious, I write about the woman, but the heroine in my story is the old Indian woman that cares and tries to help her.

Fiction & Literature
22 October
Roger Lowe

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