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This is book 1 of the Satan’s Kin MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

I’m the ruthless biker here to wreck her world.

I’m making her choose between death and the devil.

Caroline can end up in my bed, or six feet under.

It doesn’t matter that she’s not cut out for this life, because she doesn’t have a choice:

I’m never letting her go.


I’m not here to fall in love.

I’m here to screw women and leave them in the dust.

Then I see Caroline: curves for days and bright red hair like a flame in the night.

And I take her for my own.

I know I’m not her knight in shining armor.

I’m her outlaw seducer, the devil who claims her soul.

But when she’s being forced into a life of crime, I can’t stop myself from protecting her.

She’s terrified of the choice I offer:

Either fall prey to the wicked man who’s dying to claw her back…

Or step into my world and do exactly as I say.


Carson walks into my bar, tatted and scarred, and my heart pounds.

He’s not my type. He’s a bad boy who only wants to bang and leave.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t feel his hands on me.

His mouth hard and demanding against my own.

Everywhere I look, Carson’s there.

And when I become part of a heist against my will, I have no one to turn to but him.

He’s my savior.

My protector.

The man who owns me body and soul.

Until I find out he’s no better than the man forcing me to steal.

I want to run, to scream, to beg for help from anyone who can hear me.

But all I can hear are the biker’s words in my ear:

“Never forget. You’re MINE.


He’s totally wrong for her… and totally irresistible. Carson is an alpha male bad boy biker if ever there was one, and Caroline is way too innocent to fall for him in this dark romance with sex and passion, but in this new adult contemporary romance, the MC bad boy won’t take no for an answer. The romantic thriller suspense of their chemistry will keep you on your toes and begging for a happily ever after. So get your hands on this motorcycle club romance series today!

October 24
Sopris Page Press

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