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"An Evzon is murdered by an unknown sniper at Syntagma Square during the changing of the guard ...

Who is trying to derail the country? Who is trying to create chaos?

A strange series of events unfolds as the National Intelligence Agency attempts to identify the perpetrators.

What is the rivalry about that has been playing out in Athens for decades between certain Brotherhoods and Orders? 

Germany, Antarctica, Greece, Israel ... what is their involvement and what are they looking for? … What's the secret?

What heritage are the Greek Brothers presiding over and defending? The eternal fight of good with evil returns ... once more on the Greek battlefield ...

A week in June 2009, a crucial week, where the "good" rises up to meet the "evil" in a battle of dominance… in Greece ... However, this time they are coordinated. This is a battle that is constantly being conducted on a political, economic and cultural level.

Bloodstained Triangles ... many times you will pause reading, as faces and events will remind you "coincidentally" of something you have already seen or heard .. Is this Imagination or is it Reality? True facts or fiction? You are the judge, by reading Kosmas’ story, a Major General of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) who undertakes an extraordinary mission during this particularly important week.

For every name, event, historical reference and place mentioned herein, we invite you to use modern search engines on the web. You will be surprised by what you discover about the past ... and more so about the present …

The "plan" is still out there, centuries now, waiting provocatively for the reader to discover... if he, or she, succeeds ...

Nothing is perchance ... nothing is by conjuncture ... the apex of the triangle is not coincidental ...

From Chaos to Order ... »

Crime & Thrillers
June 9
Babelcube Inc.

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