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“A model of clarity in a field that rarely has any.”

–Ralph Caplan, design consultant and writer

“One of the best books I've seen on creating brand identity: harnessing the power of color, shape, pattern, and other design components to create visual symbols for brands.”

–Candace Matthews, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway

“Among a sea of brand identity literature, Brand Identity Essentials stands out through its organization, creativity, and practical explanations of design principles. Great for professionals, students, visual junkies, and brand managers.”


Brands are ideas, perceptions, promises. As such, they can reflect human needs to a depth that products, services, or even the organizations offering them cannot.

The most overt symbol that represents a brand promise is a logo—or graphic identity. But an organization’s brand encompasses much more than its logo. Logos are almost always experienced as part of an identity program, with complementary design elements presenting new opportunities to add meaning and interest. What it all adds up to in the mind of a customer is the organization’s brand identity.

Brand Identity Essentials covers these three areas (graphic identity, identity programs, and brand identity) and explores the physical elements, implementation processes, and big ideas that inform the decisions designers and brand managers make. This unique structure links formal design concerns with key business strategy issues. The book is a must-read for seasoned brand managers, professional designers, and design students alike.

The eBook offers a robust experience with expanded content that includes:

-Even more examples of relevant work from top international designers.

-A beautiful slideshow presentation, allowing most examples to appear between 2- and 3-times larger than in the printed edition.

-An updated and expanded introduction with insights into how to build dynamic brand platforms.

-New section introductions connecting groups of chapters to broader concepts.

-A glossary of 100 brand identity terms.

-A dynamic table of contents.

-Links to contributors’ websites.

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August 15
Rockport Publishers

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