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As the war between the Elves and the werepeople escalated and the Werepeople gained the upper hand the Elves were forced to hide in the shadows and fear for their lives. Each year the Elf species dwindles along with the places they control. Most dimensions have already been destroyed or relinquished. They no longer roam freely over alternate Kingdoms they once ruled like Earth, Geqenia, Daoine and even TirNanOg.
They have on final stronghold, The Vrisha Kingdom but soon, very soon they will disappear as a species from all the dimensions. Still, the war continues to rage on as it has for several thousand years.
Camellia was born during the final few years of queen Melva's reign. She was just a small child when Melva cast the spell and tore her soul in half, leaving her feeling empty and vulnerable. She lived with her parents in a small colony of non-combative Elves. The group moved around often in an attempt to avoid the war. Camellia like her mom and dad was born a sympath and a natural healer. Basically that meant she not only sensed but actually experienced the pain and emotions from those around her.
Shortly after her twentieth birthday destiny cast her true mate into her path. As fate would have it, his name was Lukasz and he was an Alpha Vargulf (werewolf) sent to destroy her small colony of Elves. He and his pack ruthlessly attacked the camp and ended the lives of all who engaged them in battle.

Young Adult
August 13
Kalalea George

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