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Enjoy the first three books of the Cannoli Cafe (Cozy) Mystery Series in this volume: Murder and Macaroons, Murder and Macaroni and Iced Cookie Murder!


Book 1: Murder and Macaroons

A retirement dinner is supposed to honor retirement from work, not life!

When library director Frank Tanner is murdered in her aunt’s restaurant, Nicole Capula, the new owner of the Cannoli Cafe, is on the case with her best friend, Lia, and a man from her past, Private Investigator Dean Coogan. 

Frank Tanner led an innocuous life, or at least that’s how it appeared until he was murdered. As the investigation unfolds, many skeletons come out of the closet, and it becomes clear that Frank had a number of major secrets and enemies. But which one of Frank’s enemies wanted him dead?

Was is it Linda, Frank Tanner’s wife, who was having an affair with a dominating real estate mogul? Or maybe it was Mayor Diane Eckel, who was angry he didn’t return the love she had for him? Or perhaps it was Mrs. Denise Donnelly, the children’s librarian, who was angry at Frank for not promoting her? Was it Dan Morano, an employee of the restaurant who had a vendetta against Frank Tanner...after all, Frank Tanner was meeting Dan’s wife in secret!

Join Nicole, Lia, Dean, and Nicole’s dog, Ringo, as they try to determine who murdered Frank Tanner and why. 


Book 2: Murder and Macaroni:

Death by cannoli...

When Rosewood Gazette reporter Stuart Helm is poisoned (and murdered) by eating a cannoli from Nicole Capula’s cafe, she is determined to solve the murder and clear the name of her beloved establishment, the Cannoli Cafe. Once again, Nicole’s warm and spunky best friend Lia is ready to help solve the mystery along with Nicole’s admirer, Private Investigator Dean Coogan.

Stuart Helm ruffled many feathers over the years as he investigated his stories. Who wanted to get him “out of the way” while ruining the reputation of the Cannoli Cafe?

Was is it Business Administrator Thomas Gornick, who was vehemently angry his son could not attend a prestigious university after Stuart wrote a shameful article about him? Or was it Detective Dwight Dawkins, a man who bitterly hated Stuart for his write-up about how Nicole solved the last murder in town, effectively painting him as an inept investigator? Could it have been Danielle Pruitt, a jealous reporter at the Rosewood Gazette who was tired of getting the boring stories and no recognition? Or perhaps it was the owner of the dwindling Rosewood Coffee Shoppe, Bert Davison, or one of his mob-friend “associates.”

Join Nicole, Lia, Dean, and Nicole’s dog, Ringo, as they try to determine who murdered Stuart Helm while clearing the reputation of the Cannoli Cafe (and Nicole) in the process!


Book 3: Iced Cookie Murder

The most wonderful time of the year?

The residents of Rosewood have enjoyed a peaceful, murder-free fall season. Now that the holidays are approaching, everyone is excited for the upcoming Annual Christmas Cookie Competition. To the surprise and horror of the town, however, last year’s cookie competition winner, Adam Tremblay, is suddenly murdered the day before the popular event.

As usual, amateur sleuth Nicole Capula is on the case with the support of her best friend, Lia, and her new beau (and private investigator), Dean. To complicate matters, Nicole’s ex-fiance, Luke Gainsworth, unexpectedly shows up in town and quite coincidentally, as Nicole discovers Luke apparently knew the murder victim prior to his trip to Rosewood. Will Nicole be able to keep Dean and Luke from fighting over her long enough to solve the case (and sort out her feelings)?

Crime & Thrillers
25 December
Lisa M. Kardos

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