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Stiff in the Sand

New jobs can be murder…

At least, that's what it seems like to Emma Harmon of Cape Hope. She's got a new job blogging about food and she's super-thrilled to be traveling to a new resort to sample the fare and meet local celebrities. One of who is First-Kiss-Robbie. The first boy to kiss her, he's a famous chef now.

She finds out her photographer is a hot guy with a major chip on his shoulder. More like an iceberg, considering the way Deke treats her.

She's not so thrilled when she discovers a body in the sand dunes. One with a knife sticking out of him. A chef knife. Robbie's chef knife.

She's even less thrilled when she makes the mistake of handling the knife.

Now, she's under suspicion and Detective McHottie's got his eye on her—and not in a good way.

Can she find the real killer before she becomes his target?

Corpse in a Crate

Emma's got a few days off and what better way to spend them than joining her best friend Raina on trip to a bed and breakfast Raina's former—maybe not so former?—crush is opening. Who knows, maybe she'll get a scoop for the blog. Wouldn't hurt to turn this into a working assignment.

Too bad everything falls to pieces when a body's discovered in a chest in the attic. Even worse, that Detective McHottie shows up in the middle of the investigation.

Can Emma figure out who is in the attic before the killer finds out she's looking into the matter?

He's got one question. How does she keep getting mixed up in these matters?

Cadaver at the Con

Emma's boss has sent her to a conference. All expenses paid. How great is that? It was great until her mother's best friends show up as attendees to make sure she doesn't get herself into any trouble. What? It's not like that's their only mission. The conference is at a casino and they love their slots. Not to mention they love the keynote speaker. It was great until a mysterious shady man shows up, harassing the keynote speaker and another author. That shouldn't really involve Emma. And it doesn't. Until a trip to the swimming pool turns up a dead body.

Of course, wouldn't you know it, the detective in charge is Detective McHottie. And he's got his eye on a suspect. Luckily, this time, it's not Emma. Unfortunately, it's a new author that Emma's become quite a fan of. Not to mention, Emma's convinced this debuting author did not kill the dead guy in the pool.

Crime & Thrillers
10 November

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