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(Previously published as CATNAP)

“Midnight Louie is the funniest, hairiest, hard-boiled detective on the planet.” —JANET EVANOVICH

“This series snaps and glitters like the town that inspired it.” —NORA ROBERTS

The Midnight Louie Alphabet mysteries are now up to Y as in Cat in a Yellow Spotlight, but the first book is now available in eBook. Cat in an Alphabet Soup features murder at a Las Vegas convention of booksellers, librarians, bestselling authors, and publishing bigwigs. When Temple Barr, five-feet-zero of feisty redhead, goes in hot pursuit of a stray black cat streaking through a publishing convention exhibit hall, she stumbles over a big-time NY editor lying dead and into an eyebrow-raising exposé of exploitation, rivalry and revenge in the New York publishing industry.

Temple, a public relations expert hired to coordinate the media and defuse any bad press at the convention, suddenly has a new furry roommate and partner in crime-solving, Midnight Louie, a feline Sam Spade. With murder suspects abounding, another crime goes down. The book world mascots on display, a pair of Scottish Fold-breed library cats named Baker and Taylor, are kidnapped for ransom. Now the new human-feline detecting duo must find and rescue the famous cats and sniff out a murderer before “Murder by the Book” describes their fates.

Midnight Louie, as a first-furperson narrator in a hilarious but perceptive voice that’s a blend of Sam Spade, Nathan Detroit, and Mrs. Malaprop, informs readers in his own chapters what’s really going on.

Crime & Thrillers
1 February
Wishlist Publishing

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