Book 2 - A Duet

Color Me Pretty

a Tale of Recovery, a Happily Ever After, and the Success of Claire Simone

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Publisher Description

Color Me Pretty, a New Adult/Contemporary Romance Novel Recommended for Ages 18 and Up.

This is the second and final book in the series.  Book 1, "Paint Me Beautiful" is available now!

From the Bestselling Author of "Losing Me, Finding You" and "Keeping Never"

“I'm living through the ugly.”

I've done it this time.  I've really screwed up.  I've made a mistake, and I'm afraid that it's going to cost me everything – my family, my career and most importantly, Emmett Sinclair.  He saw the beauty inside of me, looked past what I was becoming on the outside, and gave me his trust.  Everyone thinks I tried to kill myself; I think I made a mistake.  They all say I'm halfway to the grave; I say I've been reborn.  Nobody knows what I'm going through, so I'm going to have to fight harder than ever before.  The problem is, I no longer know exactly what it is I'm fighting for.

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“Emmett,” I command him, and he looks down at me.  This time a shaft of moonlight catches across his face and makes his eyes shimmer.  “Kiss me.”  He smiles and does what I ask without protest, bending low, capturing my mouth with his as the rain switches direction and starts streaming through the skylight straight into our faces.  It pours down our skin and coats us in slick wetness as we drink it in between kisses, taste a piece of night sky and a bit of freedom.  That's one of the things I like most about being out here: there's nobody else around to see.  Whatever happens here belongs to us and only us.

A thrill runs through me, like I've been shocked by lightning or something and for a split second, I feel like Old Claire, like the fiery redhead I was before all of this started.  But I can't be her again.  I have to be New Claire because she's stronger, better, because she can fight off the demons and sing with the angels.

I tear Emmett's wet shirt open and buttons go flying.  He looks surprised but not displeased as I kiss my way down his wet belly and go for his pants.  If it was cold up here before, it isn't anymore, and now everything just feels hot and wet, like the water could evaporate at any moment, turn into steam and scald us both.  Emmett stops me after I undo his pants, before I can put my mouth around him, and he pulls my face up with gentle fingers under the chin, kisses me again.

“I want to look at you,” he whispers against my lips and I swear, the tree house spins in circles around me.  I crawl onto the bed and bring him with me.  We lay side by side and kiss without tongue, pressing our lips together as water pools around us.  I think we could drown and we wouldn't notice.

7 July
Sarian Royal

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