Contamination of Water (Enhanced Edition‪)‬

Health Risk Assessment and Treatment Strategies

Arif Ahamad and Others
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Water containing significant amounts of inorganic and organic contaminants can have serious environmental consequences and serious health implications when ingested. Contamination of Water: Health Risk Assessment and Treatment Strategies takes an interconnected look at the various pollutants, the source of contamination, the effects of contamination on aquatic ecosystems and human health, and what the potential mitigation strategies are. This book is organized into three sections. The first section examines the sources of potential contamination. This includes considering the current scenario of heavy metal and pesticide contamination in water as well as the regions impacted due to industrialization, mining, or urbanization. The second section goes on to discuss water contamination and health risks caused by toxic elements, radiological contaminants, microplastics and nanoparticles, and pharmaceutical and personal care products. This book concludes with a section exploring efficient low-cost treatment technologies and remediation strategies that remove toxic pollutants from water. Contamination of Water incorporates both theoretical and practical information that will be useful for researchers, professors, graduate students, and professionals working on water contamination, environmental and health impacts, and the management and treatment of water resources. Provides practical case studies of various types and sources of contamination Discusses inorganic and organic contaminants and their impact on human health Evaluates effective water treatment and remediation technologies to remove toxins from water and minimize risk

Professional & Technical
6 August
Elsevier Science

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