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Welcome to Cherry Hills, where small-town life can be deadly. 

This box set includes books four through six of the Cozy Cat Caper Mystery series. If you enjoy light, fun, cozy mysteries without excessive violence, bad language, or graphic scenes, then grab this three-book collection today and join Kat Harper and her two crime-fighting felines in their quest for justice!

Vanished in Cherry Hills (Book 4) 

Is it possible to track down someone who doesn't want to be found? 

Kat Harper spent most of her childhood in foster care, being raised by strangers while the woman who gave her life quietly slipped into the shadows. Now in her thirties, Kat longs to locate the mother she barely remembers. 

Little does she know, so do the police. 

It turns out, Kat's mother is suspected of a crime that's gone unsolved for thirty years. And if Kat is successful in her quest, her mother might reenter her life only to spend her remaining years behind bars. 

Torn between her greatest wish and her biggest fear, Kat's not sure what to do. Living in darkness for another thirty years isn't an option, but will her need for answers end up forever alienating the one person she yearns to connect with most? 

Shot in Cherry Hills (Book 5) 

Animal rescue with a side of murder. 

What starts off as a foster dog wellness check turns into a nightmare when a gunshot leads Kat Harper to a man's dead body. Eric Halstead's killer is gone by the time Kat arrives on the scene, but the amateur sleuth isn't about to let them get away that easily. 

By all accounts, this homicide appears to be a neighborhood dispute turned deadly. And now it's up to Kat to determine exactly which neighbor pulled the trigger. Was it the do-it-yourself handyman who didn't appreciate Eric's frequent noise complaints? Or could it have been the local newspaper thief who swears he knows something relevant to the murder but refuses to talk to the police? And Kat certainly can't discount the loudmouthed older gentleman who seems to have a not-always-popular opinion about everything. 

Kat might not know "whodunit" yet, but she knows one thing for sure. There's a lot more than justice riding on this case. With Eric's death comes the need to rehome his beloved tuxedo cat. And if Kat's not careful, this animal rescue mission may end with the newly orphaned feline falling into the hands of a cold-blooded killer. 

Strangled in Cherry Hills (Book 6) 

Three cats, two dogs, and one dead body. 

Kat Harper isn't the only one with a knack for stumbling upon crime scenes. This time she's led to the corpse du jour by her adventurous cat Matty and one determined dachshund. It doesn't take long before the dead man is identified as local dog walker Jeffrey Parr—and his doxie client could be the only eyewitness to this latest Cherry Hills homicide. 

Kat doesn't set out to investigate, but what can she do when the task of reuniting the dachshund with his owner introduces her to more suspects than she can count? Between Jeffrey's disgruntled clients and his angry exes, Kat has her hands full trying to determine "whodunit." That might be a blessing in disguise though. As the amateur sleuth soon learns, success often comes with a price. And when Kat finds herself in the killer's crosshairs, it might just be up to her furry feline friends to save her from becoming the next murder victim.

Crime & Thrillers
28 September
Marla Bradeen

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