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The adventures of the young Ragnor take you into the remote world of the planet Makar. Accompanied by two moons, it solitarily circles around a red sun. In this medieval-oriented world, which isn’t inhabited by humans only, the young man, whose origin is unknown at first, experiences various adventures. At the same time, the quasar magic of Ama’s guardians, the paladins of light, play an increasingly more important part in his life. Gradually, Ragnor learns to gain control over this mystic magic. The young man desperately needs this power, because the demonic army under the leadership of Ximon, the god of darkness, is already lurking at the portals of the underworld. These demons are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to attack the inhabitants of Makar.

In the third volume of the saga, Ragnor becomes well acquainted with envy, hatred and pride of place, but he finds his great love as well. He makes powerful enemies and new friends. Side by side, Ragnor and his comrades have to fight a cruel war, incited by a protector of a dark god. Now the young man has to prove whether he masters the quasar magic well enough to defeat the personified demons his enemy has summoned from the underworld. Unfortunately, those demons cannot be killed with common iron weapons.

I hope that the English-speaking readers will enjoy reading this book as much as the German-speaking readers do.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 12
Juergen Friemel

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