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Train Your Dog The Right Way With Michael Kenssington's Dog Training Book Bundle!

Do you want to quickly and easily train your dog to be well-trained, obedient, and well-behaved? If so, then this dog training book bundle is for you.

Now you can get three of Michael Kenssington's best-selling dog training books in one information-packed bundle:

Book #1 – DOG TRAINING - What Would It Mean To You To Have An Obedient, Well-Behaved Dog?

Your canine friend deserves the best. Why not make sure you give him/her the best possible life through the incredible gift of proper training and discipline. Imagine how proud you will feel when guests arrive at your house and tell you, "I've never seen a dog that was so well-behaved".

Have the best possible relationship with your dog by properly training your dog. The key to any great and fulfilling relationship is respect and communication. With proper dog obedience training your dog will know what is expected of them and learn to act accordingly. By understanding your dog's behavior you will better understand what your dog expects from you. This shared understanding, respect, and communication will form an amazing bond that will last a lifetime.

Book #2 – PUPPY TRAINING -  What Would It Mean To You To Have A Well-Trained, Well-Behaved, Happy Puppy?

The best way to have a well-trained, well-behaved dog is to start with a well-trained, well-behaved puppy.

The best possible time to start training your dog is when he/she is a puppy. If you stop and think about it for a moment, isn't it easier to create good habits in a puppy than to try to undo bad habits in a full-grown dog?

By training your puppy you will create a strong foundation for a healthy, happy, lifelong relationship.

Book #3 – DOG CARE – Doesn't Your Dog Deserve a Long, Happy and Healthy Life?

Before your dog can be the lifelong companion you have always dreamed he would be, it is important to prepare both yourself and him for a life of health and well-being.

It is important to understand that caring for your dog is not a one-step or one-day process. Caring for your dog is a lifelong commitment and an investment in time, money, energy, patience, and love. The time and effort you invest in properly caring for your dog will reward you both with a strong, loving, lifetime relationship… and that is priceless!

This book focuses on the basics of dog care and includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for keeping your dog both healthy and safe.

Buy all three great dog training books today and get the well-trained, well-behaved dog you deserve!

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6 October
Michael Kenssington

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