Ethics, Politics and Justice in Dante

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Publisher Description

Ethics, Politics and Justice in Dante presents new research by international
scholars on the themes of ethics, politics and justice in the works of Dante
Alighieri, including chapters on Dante’s modern ‘afterlife’.

Together the
chapters explore how Dante’s writings engage with the contemporary culture of
medieval Florence and Italy, and how and why his political and moral thought
still speaks compellingly to modern readers. The collection’s contributors
range across different disciplines and scholarly traditions – history,
philology, classical reception, philosophy, theology – to scrutinize Dante’s Divine Comedy and his other works in
Italian and Latin, offering a multi-faceted approach to the evolution of
Dante’s political, ethical and legal thought throughout his writing career.

Certain chapters focus on his early philosophical Convivio and on the accomplished Latin Eclogues of his final years, while
others tackle knotty themes relating to judgement, justice, rhetoric and
literary ethics in his Divine Comedy,
from hell to paradise. The closing chapters discuss different modalities of the public reception and
use of Dante’s work in both Italy and Britain, bringing the volume’s emphasis
on morality, political philosophy, and social justice into the modern age of
the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries.

Praise for Ethics, Politics and Justice in Dante

'Excellent essays on a number of themes and specific instances related to education, law, speech, private and public moral codes, current events, and book learning in Dante’s own historical context and beyond.' 
'[The] two culminating chapters offer stimulating reflections on Dante’s enduring accessibility and how he can still speak to audiences today. ...The volume offers new methodological approaches to consider Dante’s depictions and understandings of ethics, politics, and justice, offering fresh readings on both popular and less widely considered passages of Dante’s poetic works.'
Bibliotheca Dantesca: Journal of Dante Studies

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27 June
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